Jost Schneider, vocals, guitar

Fabienne Stocker, vocals, keyboard

Eckart Michaelsen, bass

Tobias Zilly, drums


sept. 8th, 23: plakatwandkunst vernissage in RaumFabrik Durlach ---

sept. 10th, 21: plakatwandkunst vernissage in RaumFabrik Durlach ---

june 19th, 21: toujour kultur open air with Jenny Never ---

may 28th, 20: life stream from substage in CORONA mode ---

apr 24th, 20: in substage cafe canceled because of pandemic

oct. 4th, 19: support act of VH1 - in Stadtmitte Karlsruhe >

Nov. 4th 17: substage cafe >

2017: UND-Karlsruhe - alte Musikschule Kaiserallee >


BNN Kulturseite Karlsruhe june 21th 2021

life stream of may 28th 2020 on youtube

Klappe auf Nov. 2017 on Substage Cafe evening

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